I Lenny Banton; born entertainer was gifted by the almighty and inspired by some of
the greatest Jamaican entertainers such as Brigadier Jerry and the legendary Bob
I started my singing career from an early age. My first record was How we come yah on
the Sunrise label followed by my first number one Bob Marley Built It, produced by
Youthman Promotions with the father of reggae Sugar Minott; these was then followed
by Mama Ban your Belly and then Pure Gun produced with the legendary Leggo
I soon after this had a hit with Light Up Your Challice following soon after with Take
Warning in collaboration with Lenki Roy; False Doctrine and then Joe Grind all produced
by Bull Wackies on the Multimedia label. I then recorded Preach Out for Chris and
Badness Turbo label.
Since 2009 I have recorded “Just Get Hired” on Supertech label. “Attitude”,”Please O
Jah” and “Take Care of your Health” out on the Great River Production label.
In 2010 I recorded a new smash hit called “Mi love my highgrade” with Sha Sha Chem
Record, followed up with another smash hit called “City Lock” with Sir Nutz Production.
In 2011; I again followed through with “Lion is Sleeping” again with Sir Nutz
Production. From 2012 to 2013 I came with “Life no easy at all” followed with “Herb is
the healing of the Nation” on the Supertech label. In late 2013 I release the “City Lock”
album produced and distributed by CD Run.
My current status is that I have another release called Don’t Burn down your Bridges on
the Great River production label distributed by CD Baby and Hold you in my Arms
featuring The Blackstones released in early 2015 by Supertech Label. Also in that year I
recorded Jah Always there with Sir Nutz.
In 2016 I recorded Hotter Firebun on The Great River production label. 2017 I also rereleased Preach Out on the Great River production label. Coming from this time , in
late 2018 I released Moneygone again with Great River Production. 2020 I recorded
Jah Gimme the vibes and then Mama Ban me Belly with Supertech label.
Lenny Banton can be contacted for your gigs; dances; shows and dub plates on or
through any of the following forums: lenfordb@yahoo.com;
https://www.facebook.com/lenny.banton or www.myspace.com/lbanton2. I can be
contacted on 447979376265 where you can leave a message and I will get back to you.

Blessed to all

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