Quest is a rising reggae dancehall artist born in April 1981 in the heart of
Kingston’s Ghetto, the capital of the reggae island Jamaica. In that same year
was the sad and tragically death of Robert Nesta Marley. The Crown King of
Reggae and lead singer of the world-famous Bob Marley and The Wailers /

Quest, being born in such hostile times as the last of 15 children in the Ghetto
of Kingston/ St Andrew, it was hard to stay away from crime and guns. Just to
stay alive was hard enough; staying out of trouble was even harder. -but music
and sport kept him alive.
At a very early age, he started to link with people involved in music, and
he was always knocking on something to create a Riddim (rhythm) while he
sing jay or deejay to it. His teachers said he was even doing so in class on the
top of the desk. Quest started to create a big wave at school performing live concerts and
similar events for children across the island. During this period he met an artist
called BLACKMAN who helped him to develop and improve the skills that gave
him the possibility to perform on international stages in Great Britain, Europe
and the Caribbean.
In 2008 he recorded his debut single “The Blessing” under the synonymous
BLESSED SON, followed by another single called “Wine Your Line” under yet
another synonym FLAWLESS. This dancehall single was loved and widely
spread getting airplay globally on radios. I was followed by a collaboration with

the renown artist EGG-NUG for yet another heavy rotated song called
“Killers in the Street” that was played literally everwhere including all National
Rado stations.
In 2009, te toured with the internatinoal reggae star JAH MASION through
Europe and the Caribbean, Unfortunately he had to change his artist name
from FLAWLESS to because of an intellectual property conflict conflict with The
Bounty Killer’s Alliance.
Under the new name QUEST he recorded in 2007 the tune-“(Hipster” featuring
COLLAGE BOZY. In 2008 another attractive single titled “Your only” made it
way up to No7 on the UGEMA RADIO CHARTS in GB. This track was also
reviewed by RAPER CRAPER and other flogers and Djs worldwide. After
releasing his recent collaboration with Argentinan reggae star SHABBAZZ,
Quest is in aa permanent work mode with a lot of unreleased material ready to
be published for his massive fanbase.
Quest will be free for Booking from August, performing in a club or venue close
to you.
Stay focus ONELOVE
Quest Music Team.





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