We all know how important effective Promotion is, we also know how expensive it can be also! Classic Unique Radio understands all of  this and taking it all into consideration have come up with the perfect Solution. In conjunction with Solution Radio we have put together various Promotional Packages which will fit all your budgets.

Only £40.00 for a Month Advert will be played Once every Hr 24/7.



Or you can have the £15.00 a Week option, Advert will be played Once every hr 24/7.




Or there is the £10.00 a week – Artists Power Play – Track played once an hr 24/7, this is only for 2 week slots.



To book your add slot please click the PayPal link below the package, pay and send us an email with additional information, images, add in MP3 format and length of time for add to run. (Please note adds will not be live until receipt of payment thank you)
To find out more please email advertisement@classicuniqueradio.com

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